Christmas Light Installation in Tomball Texas

We offer a turn-key service where we provide everything to hang our Christmas Lights on your Tomball home. We also take them down after January 3rd. The other service we offer is we will hang your lights for you. You just provide everything needed to complete the job. We do ask that you un-tangle, test, and repair any light strands before we arrive.

We Provide Everything For A No-Hassle Installation

Our turn-key service is the best solution for most people. We provide energy efficient LED lights or by request incandescent Christmas Lights that we provide. We handle the install, maintenance and provide all mounting hardware, extension cords, timers, and etc.

When it's time to take them down we show up and remove the lights from your home in Tomball, TX. You stay safe on the ground and let our experienced installation crews climb the ladders and scurry the roof.

We Hang Your Christmas Lights Also

We will provide the labor and tools to hang your Christmas Lights on your Tomball business or residence, you just provide the lights, hangers, extension cords, timers, and etc.